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Server Location #1: 700 Austin Ave., Waco, TX- one of the world’s most advanced data centers. Zayo’s Waco, Texas zColo Data Center is the only Tier III data center centrally located between Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston.  Located in the heart of Waco, the facility is a re-purposed Cold War era nuclear fallout shelter that provides an elite level of physical security that is rare in the commercial data center market.  This prime location falls within a 150 mile radius of Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio- enabling multiple paths for data replication in both production and disaster recovery business models.  The facility features the largest concentration of enterprise IT accessible fiber for 80 miles in any direction.  Encompassing 100% of the metro fiber operators and 60% of all transiting fiber providers along the I-35 corridor, our Waco Data Center is the leading network access point for the region. Network latency readings have been recorded at less than 1.5 milliseconds from both Dallas and Houston POPs.

This facility is optimally located in close proximity of multiple highway routes to enable accessibility in the event of hurricane, national airway interruption, or other disaster.  It is located on a separate part of the power grid from other major Texas metroplexes, providing an operational advantage during rolling blackouts and power generation system failures.  It features a true 2N power standard with dual redundant power paths from generator to cabinet facility and incorporates dual transformer commercial power feeds. The facility’s hardened security environment features a layered security protocol that includes biometric authentication, access key cards, and DVR camera surveillance.  These security measures complement a Network Operations Center staffed by experienced IT professionals providing vigilant monitoring and remote hands support 24x7x365.

Real-time status of servers can be viewed here.

Our second server will be temporarily located at the Zainos Technology Headquarters, allowing for manual switching to back up, until the EOS software permits multi-node configuration.

When elected, our second, third, and fourth locations will also be Tier 3 data centers, with latencies to the primary server as low as 1.6 milliseconds.