While the first, and, by far, most important job of a block producer is to provide a stable, rock-solid foundation upon which to grow the EOS network, including excellent personnel, hardware, security and planning for future expansion, we pledge to donate up to 75% of our net profit (after the above primary expenses and needs are met) toward philanthropic efforts. Being headquartered on the island of Puerto Rico, devastated in 2017 by two hurricanes, Irma and taking a direct hit from the Category 5 Hurricane Maria, we have a special interest in helping the citizens of Puerto Rico recovery from what has been a life-changing event. In the name of EOS, we will be donating a substantial amount of money to everyday local citizens to do the basics, like putting food on the table and a roof over their heads, all the while promoting good-will, and understanding of the new blockchain revolution, lead by EOS, and teaching them about it. Not only will this help to island recover, it will hopefully promote understanding and cooperation with the government of Puerto Rico, which is leading the way to make Puerto Rico the new, “World’s Capital of the Blockchain” through cooperative efforts between private enterprise and local government, with such recent successful efforts as #BlockchainUnbound, #CoinAgenda, and #RestartWeek, all of which received world-wide media coverage.

EOS the World will also commit to providing subsidized services to the aspiring EOS dApp developers who will need the same kinds of services we needed to launch our blockchain candidacy… affordable access to legal, accounting, business development planning and advice, and access to elite hardware, high speed fiber optic cable, utility redundancies, and liability insurance. We will provide these online, and through a growing network of “EOS Centers” funded through our philanthropic efforts, and overseen by EOS the World team member, Willard E. Brown, III, a highly-regarded philanthropist for over 40 years.

A member of our legal team, Raul Vidal, Esq. who is licensed to practice law in the US and Puerto Rico, and is fluently bi-lingual, has an extensive background as a lobbyist, and will personally spearhead lobbying efforts on an as needed basis with Western Hemispheric countries regarding blockchain acceptance, and will coordinate with legal teams elsewhere to address potential governmental/blockchain misunderstandings as they may arise.