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While we hope there was some way we could prevent all forms of potentially bad things from happening in the EOS block producer community, and, would like to say we have a brilliant solution to keep all participants 100% honest and ethical at all times. However, aside from the oft-mentioned governance and voting solutions, we don’t have an answer. All we can do is speak for our team behavior, which is that we have 10 people who have all had exemplary careers in computer science, Information management, law, accounting, marketing, medicine, philanthropy, and, we feel that looking at someone’s track record is important. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

All 10 of the main people in our group make more than enough money to feed their families, and most have enough savings that they could already retire. We all have spotless records and stellar reputations within our respective communities. With our current careers, WE DON’T NEED THE MONEY FROM BEING A BLOCK PRODUCER. We’ll TAKE the money, but we don’t NEED the money, and we surely are not going to cheat, be immoral, or unethical, to get it. We’ve made whatever money we have by working our tails off for decades, not by cheating. And, we believe that karma is real. We haven’t worked this hard for this long to start cheating now. We will do an exemplary job producing EOS blocks, in a steady and consistent manner, using great equipment, and be excellent, careful stewards of whatever resources we receive, either building for the future growth of the EOS blockchain throw purchasing or saving for additional equipment, and/or also giving back to the EOS community, and, additionally, giving to the long-suffering victims of Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands, who so desperately need generous assistance.

We pledge to always try to do the right thing, and not change the way we’ve done things for the last 20-30 years in our careers prior, to EOS. But all I can do is speak for our team. We can’t speak for people halfway around the globe, or even in the house next door.

Our Pledge

“We pledge to always try to do the upstanding, moral, ethical thing, and, if we make a mistake, correct it as soon as we are made aware of it.”

Our Code of Ethical Conduct and Core Values are Based Upon the Following Principles:

1. Transparency.

2. Integrity.

3. Dependability.

4. Accountability.

5. Financial and behavioral independence.

6. Benevolence, and,

7. Respect for the Rule of Law.

We pledge to follow the accepted rules of a civilized, intelligent society, and, in particular, the Constitution, and Rules of Governance established by block.one and EOSIO.

In other words, we will continue to do what we have always done. While the world always presents evil, immoral, and unethical temptations, it shouldn’t be difficult for us, because it’s how we have structured our conduct thus far, and, it’s who we are. Period.

Originally published on May 1, 2018 via Steemit.

EOS the World Block Producer Ricardian Contract

The intent of the EOS the World, LLC action is to register an account as a BP candidate.

I hereby nominate, EOS the World, LLC for consideration as an elected block producer.

If EOS the World, LLC is selected to produce blocks by the eosio contract, I will sign blocks with the producer key and I hereby attest that I will keep this key secret and secure.

If EOS the World, LLC is unable to perform obligations under this contract I will resign this position by resubmitting this contract with the null producer key.

I acknowledge that a block is ‘objectively valid’ if it conforms to the deterministic blockchain rules in force at the time of its creation, and is ‘objectively invalid’ if it fails to conform to those rules.

EOS the World, LLC hereby agrees to only use this producer key to sign messages under the following scenarios: proposing an objectively valid block at the time appointed by the block scheduling algorithm pre-confirming a block produced by another producer in the schedule when I find said block objectively valid confirming a block for which EOS the World, LLC has received 2/3+ pre-confirmation messages from other producers

I hereby accept liability for any and all provable damages that result from my: signing two different block proposals with the same timestamp with producer key signing two different block proposals with the same block number with the producer key signing any block proposal which builds off of an objectively invalid block signing a pre-confirmation for an objectively invalid block signing a confirmation for a block for which I do not possess pre-confirmation messages from 2/3+ other producers

I hereby agree that double-signing for a timestamp or block number in concert with 2 or more other producers shall automatically be deemed malicious and subject to a fine equal to the past year of compensation received and immediate disqualification from being a producer, and other damages. An exception may be made if EOS the World, LLC can demonstrate that the double-signing occured due to a bug in the reference software; the burden of proof is on EOS the World, LLC.

I hereby agree not to interfere with the producer election process. I agree to process all producer election transactions that occur in blocks I create, to sign all objectively valid blocks I create that contain election transactions, and to sign all pre-confirmations and confirmations necessary to facilitate transfer of control to the next set of producers as determined by the system contract.

I hereby acknowledge that 2/3+ other elected producers may vote to disqualify EOS the World, LLC in the event EOS the World, LLC is unable to produce blocks or is unable to be reached, according to criteria agreed to among producers.

If EOS the World, LLC qualifies for and chooses to collect compensation due to votes received, EOS the World, LLC will provide a public endpoint allowing at least 100 peers to maintain synchronization with the blockchain and/or submit transactions to be included. EOS the World, LLC shall maintain at least 1 validating node with full state and signature checking and shall report any objectively invalid blocks produced by the active block producers. Reporting shall be via a method to be agreed to among producers, said method and reports to be made public.

The community agrees to allow EOS the World, LLC to authenticate peers as necessary to prevent abuse and denial of service attacks; however, EOS the World, LLC agrees not to discriminate against non-abusive peers.

I agree to process transactions on a FIFO best-effort basis and to honestly bill transactions for measured execution time.

I EOS the World, LLC agree not to manipulate the contents of blocks in order to derive profit from: the order in which transactions are included the hash of the block that is produced

EOS the World, LLC, hereby agrees to disclose and attest under penalty of perjury all ultimate beneficial owners of my company who own more than 10% and all direct shareholders.

I hereby declare and disclose under penalty of perjury that I, Brett Jeffery are the 100% owner of EOS the World, LLC. There are no other owners, shareholders or beneficiaries.

I, EOS the World, LLC, hereby agree to cooperate with other block producers to carry out our respective and mutual obligations under this agreement, including but not limited to maintaining network stability and a valid blockchain.

I, EOS the World, LLC, agree to maintain a website hosted at www.EOStheWorld.io which contains up-to-date information on all disclosures required by this contract.

I, EOS the World, LLC, agree to set datacenter location such that EOS the World, LLC is scheduled with minimal latency between my previous and next peer.

I, EOS the World, LLC, agree to maintain time synchronization within 10 ms of global atomic clock time, using a method agreed to among producers.

I, EOS the World, LLC, agree not to produce blocks before my scheduled time unless I have received all blocks produced by the prior producer.

I, EOS the World, LLC, agree not to publish blocks with timestamps more than 500ms in the future unless the prior block is more than 75% full by either CPU or network bandwidth metrics.

I, EOS the World, LLC, agree not to set the RAM supply to more RAM than my nodes contain and to resign if I am unable to provide the RAM approved by 2/3+ producers, as shown in the system parameters.