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The opportunities to build innovative EOS dApps to solve significant problems are growing rapidly, but the pool of talented technologists and creators to deliver on these opportunities is not growing fast enough. There are not enough developers. The success of EOS requires its constant and increasing adoption to solve real problems. Students are not graduating from universities with the skills needed to immediately contribute to the EOS community, and many students are graduating with no options for jobs that utilize the degrees they just earned.


EOS The World will partner with secondary and higher education institutions worldwide to nurture and grow the next generation of EOS technologists and entrepreneurs.

Work directly with faculty to locate strong, interested students
Provide mentoring, peer-to-peer forums, global team building, curriculum, teaching tools and training to the students and participating faculty
Fund class projects, summer programs, internships, hack-a-thons and other events on the EOS platform for participating students
Provide job placement and career building tools (build on the EOS platform, of course) to propel program participants upon graduation and entry into the workforce

This is a win-win, assisting students and faculty while growing the EOS ecosystem.