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As of June 3, 2018, total expenditures visa vie’ the blockchain candidacy of EOS the World, LLC will exceed $500,000, with expenses likely to easily double as we scale, adding additional bare metal storage, and additional server locations and hardware in Europe. Absent team member salaries and server costs, we estimate monthly expenses for redundant fiber optic internet, and data center costs to be $25,000/month.

Regarding Block Producer reimbursement, we favor a graduated reimbursement based on token price, as we put forth in a special Telegram chat room regarding BP reimbursement. The higher the token price, the lower the percentage of inflation dedicated to funding the block producers. We believe that, while there may need to be a ceiling on block producer reimbursement should the token price rise to triple digits (over $100 USD), there also needs to be a floor on block producer reimbursement should the token price plunge into the low single digits. Based on the work we did, along with several BP candidates, we’ve estimated that a reasonable minimal yearly expense of providing all the services required of a legitimate block producer would be at a minimum $1.2 million USD. Reimbursement through inflation less¬†than that puts the block producers in financial jeopardy, and, as such, places the entire EOS network at risk.

All hardware financing expenses, staff salaries, travel, advertising, and community outreach expenses would be in addition to these basic, mandatory, recurring expenses. These expenses are laid out in detail in the Telegram BP cost analysis published by another team, to which we contributed meaningfully.

EOS the World, LLC, hereby agrees to disclose and attest under penalty of perjury all ultimate beneficial owners of my company who own more than 10% and all direct shareholders.

I hereby declare and disclose under penalty of perjury that I, Brett Jeffery am the 100% owner of EOS the World, LLC. There are no other owners, shareholders, investors, or beneficiaries.  Additionally, I have no ownership/investment stake in any other BP teams besides the recently air-dropped eosDAC tokens.